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In 1964, in the early years of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the Rural Economy Department (Service d’économie rurale – SER) was founded to make Luxembourg’s agriculture competitive in the environment of the emerging EU internal market and to represent its interests at European level. Since then, the SER has been an important link between the CAP and the agriculture in the Grand Duchy: the Direct Payment Division directly implements the CAP aid rules in Luxembourg; the Agricultural Statistics, External Relations and Agricultural Markets Division coordinates Luxembourg’s positions in European bodies at the level of the Council and the Commission. A central aspect of the Accounts and Advisory Services Department is the economic advice given to young farmers regarding planned investments and initial establishment.

The studies and expert opinions produced by SER cover wide-ranging topics such as sustainability, inter-farm cooperation and environmentally relevant issues such as nutrient balances, the use of plant protection products and organic farming.

115, rue de Hollerich
L-1741 Luxembourg
Tel.: 247-82554