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As part of the PAN-Bio 2025 national action plan to promote organic farming and the awareness-raising campaign “Together against food waste!”, the Ministry of Agriculture has organised a training course, drawn up by food safety experts, aimed in the first instance at municipal authorities and designed to prompt them to redouble their efforts to adopt a more responsible and sustainable approach to serving meals in municipal mass catering facilities. The training course has been so successful that the Ministry has decided no longer to limit it to municipal facilities but to offer it to all persons working in the mass catering sector.

Free, bespoke training

The training is focused, in essence, on four themes:

Two of these concern increased use of local and organic products:

  1. 50 % of the products used in kitchens come from Luxembourg agriculture; of these, 2/5 come from organic farming and 3/5 from local agriculture where priority is given to products derived from agriculture under conversion.
  2. Highlighting “local + organic” and “local” products on menus.

The other two themes are aimed at helping to combat food waste:

  1. Setting up a system to weigh or measure bi-annually the amount of food wasted: twice per year, weighing or measuring over a 3-week period.
  2. Re-using kitchen left-overs in other culinary preparations, applying an internal procedure and respecting good hygiene practices.

The training is free and tailored to meet the needs of the different catering facilities. The persons undergoing the training will receive a certificate at the end of the session.


The date is to be arranged between the person in charge of the mass catering facility and the designated instructor. The duration of the training is 4 hours.


The training will take place on the premises of the applicant mass catering facility.

With whom?

The training will be given by professionals specialised in providing training for the food sector.

How do I register?

By sending an e-mail to one of the following addresses: or

In need of further information?

If you need any further information, please contact one of the following persons: